Core products

For the business to build a native store system, the performance is stable, with intelligent big data analysis’ support, help the brand own, self-employed flow, make your store better

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SHOW Personal Edition

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Provide global marketing channels for cross-border ecommerce, domestic and foreign sales companies, and support multi-language versions, which will he

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Seamlessly link the global 10 million brand commodity resources, through third-party platforms includes bonded areas, customs, warehousing and logisti

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Who we are

We are a group of partners who insist on the Internet dream
We are from Ali, Tencent, 51job, Droi, with both Technical ability and technology
We have the strength of Sino-US business background and global financial services.
We just want to empower the vast number of small and medium-sized enterprises to make you have no difficulty in doing business.

What we do

Global convenient, safe and stable technology products to help you leap forward

Create a global business channel
linking products and resources around the world
Independent research and development of technology products
tailor-made systems for enterprises
Respond to the national “Belt and Road”
to help businesses achieve trade freedom
Just for you and me
we are the world's greatest mobile ecommerce SAAS service provider

Continuous expansion of the core strategic center to make global business smoother






New York



Wonderful dynamic

Strong alliance, practical real stuff, technology, learning, sharing, co-construction